Laundry Renovations

Laundry Renovations



Laundries are not often the most glamorous room in the house. The most common complaint we hear from our customers is how it seems that this room was overlooked in the design phase back in the day. It’s surprising, because as most families would agree it is a space that gets utilised every day for a big job – all of that laundry! In our opinion, your laundry should be as functional and practical as your kitchen, allowing you to easily and efficiently tackle one of our least favoured chores. Your laundry can be designed practically and functionally and still be a beautiful room styled to suit the theme of your home.

We find that laundry renovations are one of the less invasive jobs, as we can easily set up a temporary laundry station to keep you going through the project.

The most common concerns for laundry renovations are:


Wasted Space

We’re surprised with how many laundries we encounter, both large and small, that have the utility bench and washing machine tucked in a corner near the door, with a storage cupboard the size of a bathroom vanity on the opposing wall. Paired with bare walls and ugly blue floor tiles, it seems to have been all the rage back in the day. This is not so practical now, and we understand the need for adequate storage for modern appliances like stick vacuums, garment steamers, built in ironing boards etc. We also know that for most families there are miscellaneous items that may not fit elsewhere that need a home – and it often ends up being the laundry.

Appliance Space

Older style laundries do not always allow for easy access to your front loader washing machine. Many were built with top loaders in mind, which are taller, making bench spaces uneven and annoying. And then there’s the question of where to put your dryer? Some people have to have it resting on a bench, or hanging from a bracket in a hard to reach space, or are even forced to put it outside because it just doesn’t fit. We can help you design a laundry to fit your appliances functionally.

Bench Space

Put your hand up if you have to store items on the top of your washing machine because you don’t have enough bench space? You’re not alone! It’s annoying, looks unsightly and can cause damage to your washing machine from spilled chemicals and water, and constant scratches from containers. Another very common issue is not enough space to fold your clothes. Why be forced to use your kitchen bench or your bed, when you can have a perfectly good bench in your laundry, the room which is intended to use for folding?

Functional Sinks

Ah, the old huge stainless steel laundry trough cabinet with the 2 plastic doors and storage space to store a tooth pick, or possibly two. It makes us shudder when we see them, knowing how impractical and ugly they are and wondering how they were ever chosen to be installed in the first place. No matter whether you want to keep a big tub, you don’t need those blasted troughs any longer. We can help you design a beautiful, functional sink space in your laundry.


Lighting is another point that we’ve found gets looked over, even by our customers renovating today. The lighting in these rooms isn’t given the same consideration as it is elsewhere. Do you sometimes find yourself chucking the laundry in at night? It may seem inconsequential, but if you’re already renovating, you may as well do it right!

As with our bathroom renovations, we’re very realistic. We’ve been doing this for a while now, and we know that plans can change. Flexibility is key to us and we pride ourselves on being approachable and easy to work with. Our ultimate goal is to deliver a laundry renovation that you love, and a service you’d recommend to others.

We’re also understanding of the difficulties of renovating after the excitement has worn off. We endeavor to keep your home as clean as we can, and respect your privacy.

With every completed laundry renovation project, we grow our business by advancing our skills and strengthening relationships with our clients and suppliers.


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